Guests at the Manthos Hotel can enjoy luxurious treatments at the Spa
body treatments, cosmetic treatments, fitness, and also reap all advantages of hydrotherapy (Sauna, Jacuzzi, Jacuzzi, Hammam,
Aromatherapy, Indoor Heated Swimming Pool)
Day use Spa 20 €
Sauna, Jacuzzi, Hammam, Indoor Heated Pool with hydrotherapy

  • Jaccuzi 35΄
  • Sauna 35΄
  • Hammam 35΄
  • Swimming pool

Back Massage (30 minutes) Price: 40 €
We emphasize the area of the back, shoulders, neck
and we finish treatment with relaxing pressure on the face.
Classic Full Body Massage (45 minutes ) Price: 50€
This massage helps relieve muscle tension, strain and pain.
It can be combined with body therapy and become the perfect relaxation.
Swedish massage (45 minutes) Price : 50€
Swedish massage uses five styles from long, flowing strokes. The five basics
strokes are effleurage, petrissage, tapotement,
friction and vibration / tremble. Swedish massage has proved to be helpful
limiting pain, stiffness of joints and improving patient functionality
with osteoarthritis in the knee. It has also been shown to help people with poor circulation of blood.
Caviar & Marine DNA Facial massage treatment
(30 minutes ) Price: 35€
It activates the cell’s regenerative function and helps restore it
elasticity of the skin, giving deep hydration. A massage that unlocks them
areas of tension that deform the face and therefore adversely affect them feelings.
Body Therapies
Body Peeling & Treatment (50 minutes ) Price: 60 €
15’Cooking with Fruit Body Fruits, Ginger Extract, & Silk Proteins
15 minutes of use of the steam bath
20 ‘Mineral Body Massage of Citrus Essential Oils In Combination with Vegetable Oils
Anti-cellulite treatment (50 minutes) Price: 60 €
Ginger body gel with gold 23karat and silk
Wonderful combination of body massaging with quadruple action to deal with
cellulite and local thickness, rich in lipolytic and clamping ingredients, stimulates
cell activity, strengthens the defense, improves the elasticity of the skin,
reduces the ‘orange peel appearance’, and gives silky smoothness to the skin.
Other beauty care

  • Upper lip 10 €
  • Acorns 15 €
  • Hands 15 €
  • Bikini 15 €
  • Feet 30 €

**SPA area is available upon request and appointments are made with the reception


During your visit at the spa of Manthos Hotel in order to ensure you a comfortable, secure and re­laxing experience, we kindly request that you respect the following terms of use. Thank you for your understanding.


General rules:

Smoking in the spa is prohibited.

Please do not use your cellphone inside the caring room, but keep it off.

Conversations should be in a voice tone, suitable for a relaxation place.

People of above 16 years of age are allowed in our facilities.

Towels for the pool are available at the reception.

The Spa has no responsibility for any loss or wear of your personal stuff.

Taking a shower is necesary before the usage of the pool. Wear slippers and bathing suit in every public space.

Food and drink consumption in the spa is prohibited during your visit. Tea water and other beverages will be available.

You can use every facility of the spa provided.

Locker rooms

Do not leave toiletries in the shower or anywhere in the spa.

Do not add oil or anyother products in the water bin of the sauna, without con­sulting a member of the staff.

Place every used towel in the available bins.

During treatment:

Please be consistent at your appointment, with your healer at the agreed hour.

“The time lost because of your late attendance, implies reduction or adaptation of your treatment,

without providing the option for refund.”

It is necesary to proceed in the treatment area wearing uderwear or bathing suit, while the appropriate towel is used during your treat­ment.

If you feel uncomfortable during your treat­ment because of the possible heat or cold or the pressure applied is low or high, please inform your healer. Our top priority is that you feel comfortable and safe.

If you have been injured or your health has a specificity, please inform your healer, in order to form your treating program of your need.

For your relaxation and enjoyment of your healing to the max, avoid conversations during your treatment. Of course, if you wish to ask anything or make any observation please do. Your healer will respond.

We wish you a joyfull and relaxing break.

Any comments are welcome welcome.

Fitness facilities

Always use your towels between your body and the gym equipment used and wipe it before use.

It is necesary to wear clothes and sneakers suitable for excersise.

Business hours

The Spa is open from 15:00 to 21:00 on winter. Under that schedule, small deviations may be excluded at the availability of services and facilities of the centre.


For cancellations, please inform us 4 hours before the appointment or the service. If not, you will be charged 50% of the cost.

In order to confirm your appointment, there is a possiblillity of asking you to give your credit card’s info.