The establishment of an environmental management system is one of the strategic objectives of the company and on behalf of the management there is a commitment to allocate the necessary resources and means for the full and continuous implementation of this system in all the company’s activities at its premises in Chania, Pelion.

The Company’s Environmental Policy is implemented, maintained and known to all organizational levels and staff through employee training programs, ongoing operational controls and the use of environmentally friendly technologies as environmentally friendly as possible.

The company policy for environmental protection based on the following principles, which are binding from the Management:

  • Full coverage of the requirements of ISO 14001: 2004
  • Compliance with environmental legislation and regulations
  • Continuous evaluation and improvement of environmental performance through the preparation and implementation of action programs based on specific goals and objectives and at a defined time frame of completion
  • Continuous efforts to prevent the occurrence of environmental problems and contribute to sustainable development
  • Cooperation with authorities and bodies involved in environmental protection

Environmental Management Objectives

Implementation of environmental management programs is intended to meet specific goals and objectives, which are:

  • Environmental Management of Solid Waste
  • Rational use of energy resources, increasing efficiency of equipment and instruments in terms of energy consumption
  • Financial management of resource consumption
  • Check for the risk of fuel leakage and the risk of fire in the boiler room
  • Training staff to prevent and deal with emergencies

MANTHOS SA pursues and acts in such a way that:

  • to fully understand by all employees the objectives set and the environmental policy of the company in general
  • the procedures of the environmental management system are strictly applied by all employees

Konstantinos Kefalas

President & CEO